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VISAThing! Is a Premium Outbound Travel Facilitator & Specifically Recognized for Serving Bangladeshi Citizens with ‘Visa Processing / Logistics Support’ for Countries which don’t have Embassies in Dhaka. We are currently processing Visa for 70+ such countries as given below:

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Getting a visa before travel is an unavoidable and difficult task to accomplish. This is because proper information is not often available. Furthermore, out of 200 countries only 40 has an Embassy in Bangladesh. Bangladeshis have to go to a third country like India or Sri Lanka to process visas for those countries, but not anymore! Visa Thing brings you the ease and convenience of processing visas for more than 70 countries which do not have any Embassy in Bangladesh. You no longer need to go to a third country and instead can apply directly from our office. We also have a database of visa information for 200 Countries in our website for Bangladeshi nationals.


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VISA Thing! is a Premium Visa Facilitating Service for Bangladeshi citizens. It brings travelers the ease and convenience of processing
Visas for over 70 countries that do not have an Embassy in

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