Basic information

For Ghana, VISAThing provides

✔ Logistics support

✔ Visa Consultancy


There is no Embassy or Consulate office of Ghana in Dhaka, nearest Embassy is in India. Ghana visa from Bangladesh


High Commission of Ghana in New Delhi
50 N Satya Marg Chanakyapuri,
New Delhi-110021, India
Phone: (+91) 11 2419 35-00 / 01 / 02
Email: ,


But if you have all the below documents, VISAThing will provide you the Processing / Logistics support to have your visa stamped (Logistics charge applicable). You do not need to visit the embassy in New Delhi, India to process your visa.






1 . Cover Letter from Applicant stating the purpose and duration of travel.


2 . 1 Visa Application form will be filled up online. Link:


3 . Four recent passport-size photographs (white background) along with four visiting cards.


4 . Air Ticket booking with PNR / E-ticket number (return/onward journey).


5 . Yellow Fever Vaccination Card.


6 . Birth Certificate of child traveling with parents. If in Bangla, duly translated and notarized.


7 . Marriage Certificate if accompanying / joining spouse who is permitted to reside / take up employment in Ghana.


8 . Police Clearance Certificate signed from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangladesh.


9 . Bank Statement of applicant for last 6 months.


10 . Letter of introduction from school (for students).


11 . Registration copy of Bangladeshi and Ghana Company (both) for Business purpose.


12 . Original Invitation Letter with Courier Envelop from inviter mentioning “an undertaking that the host will ensure that the visitor complies fully with immigration laws of Ghana. Email or Scan copy of Invitation Letter is not accepted.


13 . Inviter’s Residence ID card and/or work permit copy with passport copy.


14 . Bank statement of inviter for last 6 months (if sponsored).


15 . Copy of prove of reference in Ghana with phone number and address.

VISAThing Facilitates you with Ghana visa from Bangladesh.
Check List



1 . Hotel reservation (if applicant will not be hosted by person sending invitation).


2 . Covering letter/letter of introduction from employer(s) of person inviting the applicant.


3 . An undertaking that the host will ensure that the visitor complies fully with immigration laws of Ghana.





1 . Covering letter/letter of introduction from employers of the applicant.


2 . An undertaking that the host will ensure that the visitor complies fully with immigration laws of Ghana.


3 . Photocopies of relevant pages of passport of alien inviting businessman, showing legal immigrant status/residence permit.


4 . Correspondence with company/companies in Ghana or any other document in support of application.






1 . Applicant’s curriculum vitae.


2 . Copy of letter of appointment.


3 . Copy of signed contract/agreement.


4 . Copy of a letter from Ghana Investment Promotion Center approving immigrant quota.


5 . Letter from Ghana Immigration Service, sanctioning grant of visa to the applicant.


6 . Multiple entry visa may be issued to an applicant who is required to supervise an on-going project.





1 . Evidence of admission to school in Ghana.


2 . Evidence of payment of fees.


3 . Transfer certificate from last school attended.


4 . Proof that applicant will be supported while in Ghana without taking up employment.



Please Note: You can apply for your visa at best 35 days prior to travel date.

Fee & processing time


 Visa Type Visa & Application Fee (BDT) Logistics charge (BDT) Total (BDT)
Single Entry 12900/- 25000/- 37900/-
Multiple Entry 12900/- 25000/- 37900/-




Total approximate time is 12 to 22 working days (5 to 15 working days at Embassy 7 working days for Passport transit).


Our Premium Visa Consultancy for Over 86 Countries in the World is a 360 degree approach. It enables you to prepare your visa application perfectly according to your profile. Proper visa documentation depends on several factors. Hence, we conduct a complete background and travel history check on the client. Based on that, accurate customized consultation is provided. Clients are carefully explained the specific documents’ requirements for visa application to improve its acceptability. Under this hood, we do all the pre-application document screening on your behalf. We provide visa support for over 70 countries which doesn’t have Embassy presence in Bangladesh, to free you from any recurring hassles.

We will open up a case file under your name and details to analyze your travel and professional history. Then, we will prepare the best possible approach for a successful visa application. You can only avail our Visa Consultancy Support upon purchase of the service and once you have agreed to our terms & conditions.

Please call our hotline numbers to book your consultancy slot.


Our consultancy services include:

1 . Studying Your Background & Travel History,

2 . Creating Checklist based on Profile Merit.

3 . Identifying Loop Holes and Eliminating those,

4 . Preparing Best Visa Application Approach.


Tele-Consultancy Services for Distant Clients:

If you’re not able to reach us in person, you can still take our Consultancy support. We can arrange Audio/Video Consultancy at your preferred time over Skype/What’sApp or any convenient application. Please email us for details & call for appointment (Sunday to Thursday).


Call for Your Appointment:

0196 777 7788 (Hotline) or E-mail us:

*** Our Consultancy fee starts from BDT 10,000/- up to 50,000/- per Applicant (Based on country, visa category & the complexity of case). At first, we will listen to your case and finalize the Consultancy Fee. Then, at the time of opening your case file you need to make the payment and afterwards we will sit for the Detail Consultation.


Please Note: Our Consultancy Fee is excluding Logistics Fee, Visa Fee, VFS Fee, Translation & Notary, Asset Declaration, Travel Insurance and/or other related charges. Our service is to properly guide you to prepare your visa application documents both in verbal & written forms.