Basic information

VISAThing facilitates you with Mauritius visa from Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi citizens require visa to enter Mauritius prior to travel. As there is no Embassy or Consulate office in Bangladesh, you have to apply at the concerned Embassy in India. Mauritius visa from Bangladesh

Mauritius High Commission, New Delhi
EP 41, Jesus & Mary Marg,
Bapu Dham, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi-110021, India
Phone: (+91) 11 2410 2161, (+91) 11 2410 2162, (+91) 11 2410 2163


But if you have all the below documents, VISAThing will provide you the Processing / Logistics support to have your visa stamped (Logistics charge applicable). You do not need to visit the embassy in New Delhi, India to process your visa.

Check List

In the event that the person is applying through the Mauritius High Commission in New Delhi he/she needs to submit the following documents. You may wish to note that Bangladeshi nationals need a visa to enter Mauritius whatever be their purpose of travel (Tourist/Business).

  1. Visa Application Form duly filled and signed by applicant. To download form, Please Click Here
  2. Two recent passport size photographs,
  3. Two copy of Visiting card.
  4. Clear Color Photocopy of data pages of passport(s) & visa copies (original not required),
  5. Invitation letter,
  6. Forwarding letter from the applicant’s company mentioning the purpose of visit (in letter head pad),
  7. Proof of funds (bank statements / credit or debit card copy) from the bearer of all cost (company or personal / sponsor),
  8. Confirmed Flight details / Air Ticket Itinerary,
  9. Confirm Hotel Booking (or letter of sponsorship). The Hotel Booking must be on the Letter-pad of Hotel with authorized signature & seal. Hotel Booking from any third party website (; will not be accepted.
  10. 2 copies of Original Authorization Letters for Submission & Collection of Passport signed by applicant. Kindly Click Hereto use this format for Authorization Letter (Leave the Authorization Person’s name Blank).


Kindly note that, Embassy will provide an ‘OK to board’ letter which the applicant will get after getting approval from the relevant authorities in Mauritius. This letter is enough to pass the immigration at Dhaka Airport and to fly. Based on this letter, the immigration authority will issue visa on arrival at the Mauritius port of entry.


Special Notes:

Kindly note that the Applicant should also hold the below at the time of travel:

  1. A valid Passport or other recognized travel document, which should be valid for the duration of his/her stay in Mauritius;
  2. A valid return or onward passage ticket to his/her country of origin or residence;
  3. Have sufficient funds to meet the cost of stay (a minimum of US $ 50-100 per night of stay in Mauritius unless sponsorship);
  4. Have a confirmed booking for an accommodation in Mauritius. The Hotel Booking must be on the Letter-pad of Hotel with authorized signature & seal. Hotel Booking from any third party website (; will not be accepted.
  5. If sponsored by a Mauritian citizen (if the inviter bears the cost), he/she should submit a Letter of Sponsorship stating:
    a) Name, Address;
    b) Telephone number;
    c) Profession of the sponsor;
    d) Relationship with the applicant
    e) National Identity Card;
    f) An Utility Bill copy.
  6. If invited from any company, invitation letter should be on letter head pad.
Fee & processing time

Processing Time: Total approximate time is 2 to 4 weeks (2-3 weeks at Embassy 7 working days for Passport transit).

Visa Processing Fee: Total processing fee is BDT 26,050/- (Visa fee for single entry is BDT 1,050 + VISAThing Logistics Fee is BDT 25,000)


For any specific query, please call at 0196 777 7788 (Hotline)

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