Basic information

There is no embassy or consulate of Suriname in Bangladesh. The nearest Embassy of Suriname is in New Delhi, India.

Embassy of Suriname
A 15/27, Ground Floor
Vasant Vihar,
New Delhi-110057,
Tel: (+91) 11 2615 0153, (+91) 11 2615 0154
Fax: (+91) 11 2615 0150

Suriname VISA is On Arrival for Bangladeshi Passport holders. You only need to show the following documents at the arrival desk for the visa.

Check List

Visa Issuance:

  1. Valid passport must be submitted
  2. Passport must be signed and valid for 6 months from the date of intended travel
  3. Copy of itinerary and/or round trip ticket
  4. A completed application form
  5. Business letter for business visa
  6. One (1) recent passport photo
  7. Visitors not holding return/onward ticket could be refused entry.
  8. Admission refused to visitors arriving from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Exempt are holders of PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test certificate, proving they are Ebola virus free.

For children below 18 years of age, the following additional documents are required:

  1. Birth certificate showing the names of both parents
  2. Photocopy of legal documents pertaining to custody, where, when, if applicable
  3. Legalized letter of consent if child is traveling with one parent (a legalized letter of consent authorizing travel must be legalized by the other parent)
  4. If the child is traveling alone (a legalized letter of consent from both parents permitting travel)
  5. Death certificate, in case one or both parents are deceased
Fee & processing time

** 15% VAT is applicable on VISAThing’s service (logistic) charge.

Ground Support

Now visa application lodgment in India is easier & hassle free with VISAThing’s Ground Support.

Why Do You Need VISAThing’s Ground Support?

Some countries having embassies located in India requires personal presence of the visa applicant at the Embassy/VFS for in person interview or biometric data collection. The applicant must visit the embassy in India to submit the visa application.

Most of the applicants face difficulty in

  1. preparing an error visa application with all the necessary documents
  2. the submission procedures at the embassy
  3. navigating through the city and finding suitable lodging …Read more

Suriname visa from Bangladesh

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