1. What kind of service do you provide?
We provide visa logistics/ visa processing / ground support/ consultancy for the countries that do not have any embassy in Bangladesh.

2. Can you give visa assistance for Schengen Visa?
We do not provide any service for Schengen Visa. However our sister concern- VISAThing Express provides consultancy service for Schengen countries.

3. What is the guarantee of getting a visa?
VISAThing is a visa application center to assist you with visa application, after the application is submitted, the guarantee of visa will depend on the embassy’s decision, we have no influence on this decision.

4. Which type of documents are required for a visa application?
Please visit our website to know the requirements of the country you want visa for.

5. How long will it take to process visa?
For logistics we require 7 working days for passport to and fro. Processing time depends on embassy.

6. Are you an agent of embassy?
VISAThing is a visa application center for those countries which do not have embassy in Bangladesh.

7. Is it possible to apply for tourist visa without invitation letter?
For tourist visa you do not need any invitation letter. However, cover letter and day to day travel plans are required.

8. Is visa applicable for 12 year old?
Yes, visa is applicable for 12 year old.

9. What is yellow fever card and how to obtain it?
A Yellow Fever vaccination certificate or Yellow Fever card is only required for travelers 1 year of age and older coming from a country with risk of Yellow Fever transmission.

10. If the visa does not get approved then is it refundable?
No, the service fee is not refundable because we are not responsible for the approval of visa as the decision depends on the embassies.

11. Does VISAThing provide any service for local embassy?
VISAThing does not provide any service for local embassies. However, our sister concern VISAThing Express does, please visit- www.visathingexpress.com for more information.

12. Do you supply documents for visa?
We submit clients’ applications according to their documents, travel background and purpose. We also provide ground support and legalization of documents for some selective countries. Other than that we do not provide any documents for visa.

13. Are you a government organization?
No, we are not a government organization.

14. Can you provide Invitation letter for business visa?
Invitation letter should be provided by clients, we will provide visa application service according to that.

15. Which type of visa is needed for conference?
Business/Conference type visa is needed if anyone wants to go to a conference to another country.

16. Can you help me with student visa?
Our sister concern “VISAThing for Student” can help you with student visa. For more information please visit- www.visathingforstudent.com

17. Do you provide work permit?
No, we do not provide work permit.

18. Is it necessary to go to India for in person visa even after taking your service?
For in person visa it is necessary to go to India. However, we provide ground support for that. For more information please visit- www.visathing.com/groundsupport

19. Is any alternative document for bank statement acceptable?
Only India accepts alternative of bank statement (endorsement). Other countries do not have that option.

20. How can I track my passport?
Kindly find the track bar above our homepage and input your passport number to track your passport.

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